Thursday, July 22, 2010

Natural Images by Tina Williams

I have always had a love for anything that expressed an artistic value but it was not until I had my son that my passion for photography truly developed. Portraits of children are my absolute favorite because children display such a natural beauty and innocence that when captured in a picture can be a memory for a lifetime.
I am so inspired by all of the natural aspects that God has placed in nature and humanity that you will experience many of those special attributes throughout my photographs. My ultimate goal as a photographer is to incorporate the elements of nature or personality while capturing the uniqueness of the person being photographed.
I desire for my pictures to tell a story, not just be a simple wall hanging.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my blog and I hope you enjoy the journey through the special moments taken in my photographs.

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Lila-3 and 6 month portraits

Teri and DJ- 2010

Carrollton City Schools Junior Prom 2010

Carrollton City Schools Golf Invitational 2010